Why Skateboarding Is Such a Great Sport

By Jason Lorrine

A couple of decades ago the sport of skateboarding was not known by many people. Over the years though it's popularity has been growing faster than ever across the globe. Every year there are more skateboarding parks everywhere that are being built.

Most people have a picture in their minds of the kinds of people that enjoy skateboarding, and their pictures are not always pleasant. Skateboarding is usually reserved for teens and young adults that haven't quite connected with other people or activities and who are looking for a place of identity.

Now in a way this may be true for people who love skateboarding, but isn't this what we love about so many of the sports and activities we choose to participate in? We love to try new and sometimes extreme things and we love to be identified with a group of people who all enjoy similar things.

Let me get to all of the great benefits that skateboarding has to offer for the younger crowd. First off it gets them active, and not closed in to lazy habits that could lead to health conditions in the future, such as sitting around the house all day playing video games and watching television.

I'd suggest that a teen or young adult who spends hour after hour doing hobbies that are inactive is actually in more danger than a teen or young adult doing an extreme activity like skateboarding. Children who start skateboarding at a young age learn to love physical activity and will often enjoy the health benefits of that activity for years to come.

For kids one of the best things that could be offered in skateboarding is making friends. For the kids that are not that social and not good at making friends, could easily socialize with another kids that lives near by and loves to skate, making skate buddies is a great way for kids to interact.

For the most part, skateboarding is an inexpensive hobby to enjoy. Beginners usually can start with an inexpensive and simple board to learn skateboarding. Grabbing a skateboard and a few pads is really all a kid needs to begin learning skateboarding. Parents will love that their children can get involved in something fun and active that doesn't cost tons of money.

Skateboarding is not that bad as you can see, and has become a sport just like baseball and football. You have seen the many great benefits that it offers, especially for the children and young teens. - 30194

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Cheap DC Shoes Are A Skateboarders Best Friend

By Janine Rose Morley

A footwear manufacturer that has selective shoes for skateboarders as well as snowboarding is DC shoes which is based in the US and sells cheap DC shoes. Many other items such as shirts, pants, hats and much more can also be found at DC shoes.

DC shoes are based in Vista CA and were founded in'93, and the owner originally worked in a skate shop as a clerk and then became a buyer and then manager and then eventually the owner of what was known as Street Machine. He is now the Director of footwear at DC shoes.

Skateboarders can now cash in on these cheap DC shoes which are popular and sought after especially by the skaters in the USA as they themselves have said that no other shoes have matched up to the cheap DC shoes so cash in while the sale is on.

Skaters that skate daily know that their shoes go through some really tough trials and not only that they also spend a substantial amount on shoes as they needs shoes for competitions and shoes for daily skating. Now they can afford to buy the cheap DC shoes and still skate with ease and comfort and still be in the fashion zone with cheap DC shoes.

If you are looking for the strongest skate shoes that offers high grade wear and grip as well as bend then I suggest you look at the cheap DC shoes which also offers the skaters a tougher shoe which have leather sides and shoelace covering. The cheap DC shoes also have heavier soles and long lasting bottoms giving the shoes far more durability.

Go on-line today and do not breach your budget by checking out all the different styles of cheap DC shoes on offer. The cheap DC shoes are definitely fashionable and some styles even have removable soles allowing you to lace under the sole. So you're looking for that special shoe which is low costing - look no further and buy the cheap DC shoes. - 30194

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Inline Skating For Women: The Adventure

By Jody Jones

One popular, very effective and healthy form of exercise is rollerblading, also known as inline skating. Unlike walking and running which can be boring and are high impact to your joints, this is low impact and a lot of fun. By simply pushing your legs from one side to another, you can easily sprint, glide and spin in order to inline skate.

It is always the most perfect way in order to burn your calories quickly and very easily. A very famous study by MIT says that a person who actually weighs 160 lbs travelling at 110 mph would be able to easily burn 750 calories per hour. Apart from the normal physical health, the game of inline skates women also helps one to easily improve his mental health. It helps one to build the skill of confidence and workability which makes a person get adapted for any kind of a scenario and act accordingly.

One more fact says that Inline skates women would be sometimes dangerous. Almost 3 hundred participants per year tend to get injured due to in line skating and consult the doctor whenever possible. To do perfect in line skating one requires a complete balance in both physical and mental fitness. The way physical fitness is being addressed and perceived simply varies from person to person completely. There are even several methods by which you can do skating effectively without much injury. Some of those are listed below.

You should keep your palms facing in a downward direction with your elbows completely tucked into the waist. Keep your forearms in a straigh position in the front side of your body. As if you were trying to sit down, slighlty bend your knees. With the help of your heel you should push, keep all your body weight upon the back wheel. Be sure to keep the upper portion of your body straight and never even try to bend your body. You just need to gain some energy if you are feeling like you are loosing your balance. You should always start with exercise and you need to relax somethimes.

You must always make sure not to skate on the roads that have heavy traffic. This would enormously make the people moving on the roads to get threatened and creates a big public nuisance. Always make sure that you don't wear or hold anything in your hands when you are doing your skating. This is a very important point as it is very crucial for security and safety reasons. Most of the people participate in This just to get the thrill of the day. It would thrill you like anything and thereby you would happen to get addicted to t so much that you wouldn't think about the risk of doing it further. All you can do in the case of inline skates women is to simply follow the instructions that are specified and do the movements accordingly. In such a case, you would be completely safe. - 30194

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Choosing Good Quality Womens Skate Shoes

By Janine Rose Morley

Skateboarding has become one of the most popular sports worldwide. In recent years it has become a very popular family activity. Just have a look at one of the many skate parks around - you'll see boys and girls and moms and dads all having a blast. This article is about choosing correct skate shoes; more specifically womens skate shoes.

You really should invest in a pair of professional skate shoes. Your trainers or sneakers are not suitable for skateboarding. You must wear shoes that are specifically designed for skateboarding. Your feet and ankles need all the protection they can get.

Women's skate shoes look great because they come in flashy designs and colors. When you see a pair that catches your eye, try them on. The shoes should feel sturdy and fit well against your heels and feel secure on the foot soles. Above all, do they feel comfortable? You don't want to get blisters!

All skate shoes have ultra strong laces that don't snap easily. Don't ever use traditional laces on your skate shoes. Women's skate shoes should have soles that grip well to your skateboard. You don't want to lose your board while doing your latest trick!

You're going to have to pay quite a price for a good pair of women's skate shoes. But no price is too high when it comes to safety and protection. Skate shoes are expensive because they offer excellent protection to the toes, heels, the side of the foot and the sole. Most skateboarding foot injuries are caused by inappropriate shoes.

When shopping for your women's skate shoes, it's a good idea to take your board with you. You can then try both shoes on and stand on the board to check if the grip feels good. If they feel right, then go ahead and buy them. You're going to look really cool in your new pair of women's skate shoes next time you go to the skate park! - 30194

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Buy Cheap-skate-shoes And Your Wallet Stays Healthy

By Janine Rose Morley

If you search online you can find cheap-skate-shoes for a price you can afford. Your budget won't go out of whack finding good quality skate shoes online as many sites have affordably priced shoes. You can outfit your whole family for a fraction of the price you would pay in a retail store.

Skate shoes are a popular look these days but they are designed in mind for the skater. Their flat design, with some traction, is made for the skater. They are rounded and a bit thicker on the top for protection of the foot. Their laces are made so if need be the skater can jump out of them if they need to.

You can find skater shoes all over in just about any style you can imagine. As eclectic as skaters are so are their shoes. From basic to designer shoes named after famous skaters you have your choice online of what you want. Even babies are getting in on the action with the look of skater shoes that are just adorable.

And for the kid on the go that can't wait to jump on their boards there are Wheelies that can get them going anywhere. We've seen them all over as kid's wiz by and you wonder how. The wheels pop out if it's not appropriate for wheeling in some areas, such as school where it is not allowed many times.

Since skater shoes are so popular and such a good price online you might consider getting an extra pair for your child. Or consider buying an extra pair and give to a local charity to bless another child this holiday season that may not be able to afford new shoes themselves but like them just as much.

Finding cheap-skate-shoes is a breeze this Christmas and inventory is good. You may even be able to find free shipping at some sites if you spend over fifty dollars (which would be two pairs). Pick one up for your child and donate another pair for another child to make the holiday wonderful. - 30194

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The Big Bounce

By Sarah Vandekerkhove

Ladies, when you are out about running, skating or performing other vigorous activities do you ever get the big bounce? You know, that lovely feeling of wondering whether or not you should have actually bothered to put on the bra seeing as it works so poorly. If you are lucky enough to have no clue what I am talking about, be thankful. But you may have seen some other unlucky ladies. For some it is that lovely up and down motion like two basketballs bouncing in unison. For others, it is more like ?the rainbow? ride you see at amusement parks: the two volumous chest features do a low sing to the left and then swing up and around over and over again. So what to do with this predicament?

Well for starters, if this is happening to you, you need a new bra. Do not just wrap duct tape around the old one to hold you still. You take good care of your skates, and you make a point of keeping the blades sharpened, so why neglect other components of your uniform?

A good sports bra should give you full coverage. All of your breast tissue should be in it. This means, no overhang: no ?double boob? and nothing squishing out into your underarms. If any of this is happening to you, you need to get into a larger cup size. If you are slipping out the bottom, the band size is too large. If the bra seems to tip forward, revealing a lot of cleavage, the cup size is too small. There should be no cleavage in a sports bra ? even if you are a G or H cup. As for the back of the bra there should be good coverage there too. There should be 3 or 4 hooks in the back and you should feel like your bra is wrapped around you. The shoulder straps should be thick and wide and should not slip off you shoulders when you bend to one side or another. Also, there should not be a lot of stretch in the shoulder strap, as this will reduce the amount of support the bra gives. Do the bounce test in the change room. You need to jump up in down when you are trying it on, as well as crouch, bend over and sit down. It you do not move around in the change room, how can you possibly know if the bra is going to work in the real world?

Do not be shy to try a smaller band size with a larger cup. In regular bras this is the single biggest error ladies make. In sports bras, it is actually common for ladies to do this for added support around rib cage. In an everyday bra, it is not the straps that keep a bra on, but the band, which keeps the bra secure. The straps keep the top of the cup in place. If a bra were a house the band would be the foundation and the straps would be the roof. In a sports bra, it is a little more of a balance between the two, but the principle is still the same.

Just remember ladies; you only get one set of breasts naturally. You best take care of them! - 30194

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Roller Girls Revive A Moribund Sport

By Ross Everett

Roller Derby was never really a big deal in the US, but has been around forever and was a staple of the early days of television. It was similar in its promotional format to its better known "sports entertainment" cousin, professional wrestling. It was frequently seen in the same bad timeslots on the same low powered UHF TV stations, and it was run by the same loose confederation of promoters and businessmen that characterized the regional territory era of pro wrestling. That's where the similarity to wrestling ends--it's storylines made pro wrestling angles look like high drama. While there is a definite history to the sport--great teams like the LA T-Birds and Bay Bombers, and legendary skaters like Ann Calvello it never really stuck in the public consciousness like the pre-Hulk Hogan era of pro wrestling.

When the original purveyors of the sport quit promoting in the early 1980s most thought it was dead and gone until a 'new school' of roller derby surfaced on cable TV via the A&E reality series Roller Girls. It featured a local, all-girl roller derby league in Austin, Texas and followed the lives of the players on and off the track. A sport that had faded into the lowest level of obscurity had been rediscovered and embraced by an eclectic group of young women. They had kept the same essential format, thrown in a healthy dose of burlesque camp and Varga pin-up inspired glamour and changed the competitive format and renamed the competitions "bouts" a la MMA or boxing. The result was a compelling mixture of glamour, toughness and athleticism driven by a healthy dose of punk rock "do it yourself" mentality.

Today, roller derby is a full blown worldwide phenomenon. There are hundreds of local roller derby leagues not only in the United States, but Canada, Australia and Europe. Most of the local groups similarly play up the campy retro pin-up/hot rod iconography and everyone involved sure looks like they're having a good time. Between teams there's a vibe of good natured competitiveness and camaraderie. In the US, these groups exist under the auspices of a national organization called the Womens Flat Track Derby Association. Las Vegas has the 'Sin City Roller Girls', Portland, Oregon the 'Rose City Rollers" and Seattle the 'Rat City Rollers'. There are now groups in not only the larger and traditionally "hipper" cities but also smaller communities such as Birmingham, Alabama and Omaha, Nebraska.

This organic rebirth and growth of roller derby is a result of young women taking what essentially was TV time filler and made it into their own distaff 'action sport'. The community that has sprung up around it bears a striking resemblance to the skateboarding or snowboarding subculture. Granted, there are plenty of talented female skateboarders and snowboarders but they're typically male dominated disciplines. The roller derby circa 2009 is just the opposite--a living, breathing matriarchal success story. No one is in it for the money, as these local groups are typically run as non-profit organization. The women involved have recreated this sport, and run it, promote it and compete in it on their own terms.

The new generation rollergirls also pay homage to their sports' pioneers much in the same way that skateboarders give props to Duane Peters and Tony Alva and surfers evoke the names of Duke Kahanamoku and Greg Noll. Many of the individual group websites have sections devoted to the history of roller derby, and the late Ann Calvello--regarded as the Queen of the original Roller Derby--is revered as something of a patron saint. - 30194

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